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From the desk of: Jeff Wellman

Dear reader and future tech Guru,

When I show you the letters WWW and .COM what do you think of?  Seriously, just STOP and think about that for just a second. How many times have you seen those simple little letters? I can say it is a safe bet that you have seen them almost every day of your life in recent years. If you're reading this right now I guarantee that you have seen those letters today just to get to this page.

I am so excited about the times we live in today.  At no other time in the history of the world has a single human being been able to reach so many people for so little money.

Thousands of people from all around the world have set up successful small business websites, personal websites, and blogs and began making money from the comfort of their homes.

I can safely say that WWW is probably one of the most incredible 3 letters that most people will ever experience in their lifetime and yet if you're anything like I was I can also honestly say that they can also be the most frustrating 3 letters you can experience in your lifetime.

You have heard the hype and have probably even seen some sales pages from all the Internet Marketers all over the world that are just sitting in their homes and offices telling you that they are making incredible incomes just by using the Internet, and what a massive opportunity you are missing out on if you don't join them right now.

I bet it is even safe for me to say this is something that really intrigues you.

But maybe the question on your mind is... can this tech stuff really be achieved by someone just like ME?

Well if you listen to the pitch from all of the sales pages, check out every single Big and Bold Benefit Laden Headline, read all of the wonderful sales page testimonials, and listen to all the incredible income claims I'm sure that indeed it does seem that, YES anyone can actually accomplish these same results.

But seriously.. Does this really mean ANYONE?

That is exactly what it means. All you have to do is get creating your awesome website just like all the BIG Gurus out there and get started.

Creating a website is not that difficult, it is actually quite easy. You just have to get yourself a domain name, register it, get hosting to host the domain, change the DNS settings so it can be seen, and then just start building it.

And now that you know that, I am guessing you are perfectly capable and ready to jump right in and Get-R-Done... so let me be the first to tell you good luck creating your new site!
I know, I know...  lets put the brakes on for just a minute...

Looking back at my own online business startup I remember very quickly that when I first got started I was also drawn in by the incredible income claims being made and just knew that this was the answer to all my problems.

  • I did some simple research...

  • I understood the concept of online marketing...

  • I knew without a doubt that I could make a tremendous income.

  • I also knew that I just needed to get myself noticed with a web presence.

My First Mistake

So understanding and knowing what I did know, I knew that I needed to put up a website.

Just like you, I received the GREAT NEWS about how easy this was going to be and I believed it...

But thinking the word "easy" was probably my first mistake...

I began locating training courses and quickly finding myself in over my head as I tried to understand the things they were trying to teach me.

I had to have an FTP program, I had to change the DNS settings for my domain, I was going to be doing some HTML coding, working with WordPress, editing pictures...

What in the world is this stuff I remember saying to myself. I had never heard any of these terms before in anything I had ever learned throughout my education.  Everything quickly became very complicated.

The initial drive and enthusiasm that I had been feeling just days before was now being replaced by something that way to many people become accustomed to very fast when it comes to the technical aspects of Internet Marketing. Enthusiasm quickly is replaced by Frustration and feelings of failure.

I bet if I were to ask you how many times you have come to that place in your life you could give me a few examples.

Well just like most others I was ready to quit once again. But something in me this time said that quitting was not acceptable and I refused to be beaten down once again.

I finally found some help through a great coach that helped me to really understand the technical terminology in simple and understandable language and he helped me get going and really understand what I needed to do.  My coach also showed me how to do a lot of outsourcing so I didn't have to do all the things I just was not wrapping my mind around..

But we have to be careful when it comes to outsourcing because there are a few drawbacks.  Hey I still outsource myself still to this day and even more, but trust me when I say outsourcing does have some drawbacks that are no more fun than not knowing how to do the tech yourself.

Lets say you just do not understand what needs to be done yourself, how are you going to explain it well enough to  ensure the outsourcer does it just the way you want it done?

What if your outsourcer does not get things done in a timely manner and you have to postpone your product launch which causes JV Partners to get a little upset because they have  to reschedule your promotion?  (Sometimes they don't have an opening reschedule you in and you loose out on a boat load of money)

What if you can't find someone to outsource your needs to when you need it the

So guess what usually happens when one of these 3 big catastrophes happen?  You need to break down and just do it yourself just like I have had to do....

So even though I do not enjoy the tech work I still am very glad I know how to get it done when it is left up to me.  Sometimes I even amaze myself when I sit back and look at the things I can do. I want you to be able to take a look back on things and be amazed at yourself too!With that being said let's get you going!


Most of my offline friends and relatives know I work full time on the Internet, and as such many of them come to me asking how they can make their own websites. Instead of trying to explain the basics to each one, I tried to find a simple online tutorial to help them out.  After some research I couldn’t find anything I liked, so I decided to create one. That is the story behind my latest project:

I already said that I understood what needed to be done to make money online, but when I went to set up my website, upload my product I created to the download page, and get the whole sales process up and working properly I was at a loss and once again I was back in the boat with one ore going round and round in circles getting no where.

I was told what I needed to do and then just turned lose to get it done.

I could do the same for all of my relatives and friends and I could do the same for you as well.

Remember I said I found help... 

I was fortunate to fine real help and today, I'm here to help YOU!

"Now It's Your Turn!"

Why do I care about you and your success?  Because I know Frustration and feelings of failure when it comes to all the technical side of making money online and It's not a feeling I would wish on my worst enemy let alone you.

We still live in an amazing land of opportunity and IT'S YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT to live in peace and prosperity.

And I made a promise that when I figured out how to make this "Internet thing" work, that I would dedicate my life to helping others as well.

I want you to know what it's like to live the good life too.

So it's a win-win situation for the both of us. You get to see my proven technical blueprint to the one huge thing that has kept you from making money on the Internet, and I have the satisfaction of knowing your life has the possibility of being as awesome as mine.  You see we are a perfect match.

"It's So Easy To Make Money Once You Know how to "BREAKTHROUGH" the technical barriers!"

Can you imagine that? Try it for a second. See how it feels to be able to peel back the gloom and doom to a brighter future ahead that will allow you to get the forward momentum you need to make every dream you ever had become reality.

OK now that you took a minute to imagine that let's get your attention back to the direction we were heading,  that being you getting help!

Okay, so here it is...

It's very easy.

My technical training blueprint was created in a way that "almost any beginner" would understand. So yes, it's what I call "easy".

It's a piece of the puzzle that most people can only dream about finding, and I put in a ton of time and money to build it for you!


Here Is The Technical Training You
Will Receive in My Tech Training 2.0 Course...

In this course, you're getting over 100 brand new step-by-step training videos that teach the technical side of how to build an online business like we've built.

Let's take a look at some of the things that we've covered in this powerful course...

  • Setting up your website.
  • Creating an email address on your own domain
  • Looking at your web traffic statistics
  • Setting up a WordPress blog
  • Customizing and Optimizing your WordPress blog
  • Setting up an Email Subscriber List
  • Creating an Opt-in Form
  • Making a Sales Page
  • Setting Up a Download Page
  • Creating PDF files
  • Creating and Extracting Zip Files
  • Doing Screen Capture Videos
  • Using FTP
  • PLUS a whole lot more!

Topics covered in this incredible training resource:

Domain Management and C-panel - 12 Videos

1  - Registering Domain Name
2  - Buying Bulk Domain Names
3  - Buying Hosting Hostgator
4  - Buying Hosting Bluehost
5  - C-panel Basics
6  - Pointing Domain Name
7  - Setting up email account in Cpanel
8  - Setting up email forwarder
9  - Web Analytics
10 - Fantastico Overview
11 - C-panel autoresponse message
12 - Deleting Fantastico Installations With Cpanel

WordPress Beginnings - 13 Videos

13 - WordPress Setup
14 - Cusotmizing Your WordPress Theme
15 - Navigating WordPress Dashboard
16 - WordPress Settings - Going Live Part 1
17 - WordPress Settings - Going Live Part 2
18 - WordPress Plugins
19 - Spam Free WordPress Setup
20 - Managing WordPress Default Themes
21 - WordPress Links and Blog Roll
22 - Changing WordPress Headerand Background
23 - Adding Your First new Post
24 - Adding Your First New Page
25 - Adding Your Contact Us Forms to WordPress

Autoresponder Training Managing your List - 12 Videos

26 - Creating New List with AWeber
27 - Creating Follow Up Sequence
28 - Creating Your Web Form For List Building
29 - Installing Your Aweber Web Form
30 - Trouble Shooting Your Aweber Web Form
31 - Aweber Web Form Statistics
32 - Understanding Aweber Reports
33 - Managing Your Aweber Subscribers
34 - GetResponse Campaign Setup
35 - GetResponse WebForm Setup
36 - GetResponse Installing Web Form
37 - GetResponse Sending An Email

Creating & Editing Sales Pages and Download Pages - 10 Videos

38 - Editing & Rebranding PLR Sales Page Part 1
39 - Editing & Rebranding PLR Sales Page Part 2
40 - Adding Your Disclaimers and Privacy Policies
41 - Sales Page Final Editing
42 - Saving Your Sales Page changes (Important)
43 - Adding your picture to your Html website
44 - Setting Up Download Pages
45 - Monetizing Download Pages
46 - Editing PLR Minisite
47 - Adding Sales Copy to PLR Minisite

Basic Editing of Graphics and Images - 6 Videos

48 - Resizing Images
49 - Creating PDF Document
50 - Creating a zip file
51 - Extracting a Zip File
52 - Creating Exit Pop
53 - Jing Free Screen Captures Tutorial

Tech Basics of FTP - 7 Videos

54 - Filezilla FTP Installation
55 - FileZilla FTP First Steps
56 - FileZilla FTP Uploading First File
57 - FileZilla FTP Creating File Names & Folders
58 - FileZilla FTP Creating Download Links & More
59 - FileZilla FTP Uploading Website & Work With File Names
60 - FileZilla FTP Protecting Files With Snooper Pages

Marketing Forums and Special Offers - 9 Videos

61 - Forum Special Offers Part 1 Account Setup
62 - Forum Special Offers Part 2 Profile Setup
63 - Forum Special Offers Part 2 Posting Your Offer
64 - Warrior Forum Setup Account
65 - WarriorPlus Pro Sell Product
66 - WarriorPlus Setup Affiliate Marketing
67 - Warrior Special Offer Setup and Posting
68 - JVZoo Adding A Product
69 - JVZoo Managing Affiliates 

Support Desk - 3 Videos

70 - OSTicket Support Desk Install
71 - OSTicket Manage Support Desk
72 - OSTicket Support Desk Advanced

WordPress Advanced - 8 Videos

73 - WordPress Media Overview
74 - Inserting Images In WordPress Post
75 - Inserting PDF In WordPress Post
76 - Inserting Video In WordPress Post
77 - Inserting Affiliate Links In WordPress Post
78 - Setting Up WordPress Menus
79 - Creating Opt-in Box For List Building
80 - Adding Additional Users to Your Site

Google Services - 8 Videos

81 - Google Account Setup
82 - Google Adsense - Adding To Site
83 - Google Analytics Setup
84 - Google Analytics Advanced
85 - Google Calendar
86 - Gmail Account
87 - Google Webmaster Tools Setup
88 - Google Webmaster Tools Advanced

Tech Side of Affiliate Marketing - 16 Videos

89 - Amazon Part 1 Become An Affiliate
90 - Amazon Part 2 Getting Affiliate Link
91 - Amazon Part 3 Advanced Affiliate Methods
92 - Amazon Part 4 Using Promotions Hub
93 - Amazon Part 5 Finding Good Products To Promote
94 - Amazon Part 6 Category Banner Links
95 - Amazon Part 7 Linking To Search Results
96 - Amazon Part 8 Add Product HTML Code To Site
97 - Amazon Part 9 Add Banner To HTML Site
98 - Amazon Part 10 Add New Amazon Product Preview Script
99 - Inserting Affiliate Banners Into Website
100 - JVZoo Affiliate Account Setup
101 - JVZoo Finding Products To Promote & Affiliate Link Setup
102 - New Clickbank Introduction & Sign Up
103 - New Clickbank Marketplace: Find Products To Promote
104 - New Clickbank Creating Affiliate Links

These training videos are the EXACT same Step-By-Step technical training I went through, and it will show you the very things you need to do or at least understand how to do to start making your life the amazing life you are intended to have.

The best part is that this technical training is laid out in a very simple start here first format for you to follow.

I understand that  if you're a beginner I can't just hand you a complete technical training encyclopedia and expect you to know where to start first.

I needed a start here and end here plan and so will you.

I also understand you do not want to watch a 2 hour video just to find one little step that you are not understanding.  You want to skip all the things you do understand and get right to the help.

That is why I took this entire course and broke it down into several short 5-10 minute videos that are clearly marked and labeled to give you the quickest answers and help as possible.

We're not done packing in the value yet, because we've got some awesome bonuses to throw in as a part of this video firesale package...

We're going to include an additional 9 video courses on TOP of the IM Tech Training 2.0 Course!

Not just 9 additional videos, but 9 additional COURSES.

So you're getting a total of 10 video courses, containing over 170 total videos!

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BONUS #5: Effective List Building Blueprint Course

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  • Includes videos
  • Created by Paul and Jeff
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  • Includes ebook and videos
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BONUS #7: PLR Powerhouse Course

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BONUS #8: Idea Generation Simplified Course

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BONUS #9: Affiliate Niche Cash Course

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  • Includes graphics


We're including the option of grabbing Resale and PLR RIGHTS for this entire course, which means you can also profit from this package by reselling it to others, and keeping 100% of the profits!

That's right, we're offering Resale Rights and PLR for the IM Tech Training 2.0 Course, including all 104 videos!

Obviously, there's a huge market for this package.

Every month millions of people want to know how to make money by creating an online business, so there's an endless supply of leads!

So just think about it. You can turn around and resell these materials for any price you choose, and you keep all the money.

We're providing the videos in MP4 format, so this WILL work on both Windows PC's and Apple Macs.

The quality of these training videos is top notch. This is NOT something that we outsourced.

This is something that we're really proud to be offering, and it's something that you can be completely confident in offering to your customers.

To make it easy for you to SELL this course, we're including a professionally written sales letter:

sales letter

We're also including a squeeze page to help you build your list...

squeeze page

And to go along with the squeeze page, we're including some extra video tdownload pageraining that you can GIVE AWAY for free. In other words, you're getting both the squeeze page and the lead magnet. This is the perfect way to get prospects into your mark
eting funnel, and get them hooked on the training so they'll buy the full course!

To make things easy for both you and your customers, we're including a download page, nicely organized and including the title of each video. → → →

We're even going to throw in some extra templates that you can use, and also give to your customers as a free bonus. This include a squeeze page template, thank-you template, and legal pages like your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

So this is it... This is your big chance.

Don't let this chance pass you by; it is the most affordable help you will find.

Either you can stay in the same boat with just one paddle that you've always been in, going round and around trying to figure out how to get the technical aspects of making money online worked out, or you can get into a new boat and grab this technical blueprint and sail away with the education and experience that will lead you to fulfilling your dreams of financial security.

Here's a quick recap of what you're getting...

Included Component Estimated Value
IM Tech Training 2.0 Course  $197.00
Resale Rights for IM Tech Course (optional) $297.00
Professionally Written Sales Letter (optional) $297.00
IM Tech Squeeze Page with Lead Magnet (optional) $197.00
Download Page (optional) $37.00
4 Bonus Templates (optional) $37.00
WordPress Membership for Free Course (with Rights) $197.00
Fast & Free Traffic Formula Course (with Rights) $97.00
Flippa Cash Course (with Rights) $97.00
Facebook Traffic Course (with Rights) $97.00
Effective List Building Blueprint Course (with Rights) $147.00
SEO Video Warrior Course (with Rights) $97.00
PLR Powerhouse Course (with Rights) $197.00
Idea Generation Simplified Course (with Rights) $97.00
Affiliate Niche Cash Course (with Rights) $147.00
Finally breaking out and achieving financial success PRICELESS
TOTAL VALUE: $2235.00+
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